Here is the latest issue of the AIMA Newsletter, Vol 43 Issue 3. Click here to download.

Call for Content Submissions
What have you been up to this year? We are currently accepting content submissions from 2020, 2021 and 2022 and items for the upcoming newsletter. 

AIMA publishes four quarterly volumes of the Newsletter each year. The AIMA Newsletter provides information on research projects, new technologies with applications to maritime archaeology and heritage management, conference announcements, projects and research activities undertaken specifically by AIMA members, volunteer and internship opportunities, as well as feature articles on  projects, sites and artefacts.

AIMA encourages anyone with content such as news items or project reports, summaries, photographs or upcoming events of interest to maritime archaeologists to submit a contribution to the Newsletter Editor. 

Below are the 2023 submision deadlines: 

Content from January – March 2023: due by March 12th 2023. 

Content from April – June 2023: due by June 12th 2023.

Content form July – September 2023: due by September 2023. 

Content from October – December 2023: due by November 30th 2023. 


Please review the new guidelines send all newsletter submissions to:  

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