AIMA Bulletin Vol 39 (2015)


Table of Contents

A. Firth
Risks, resources and significance: navigating a sustainable course for marine development-led archaeology

J. Green
The wreck of the VOC retourschip Zeewijk: an archaeological and historical puzzle

G. Henderson, A. Viduka, J. Parkinson and A. Moss
Closing in on the Fortuyn: a progress report

A.S. Mochtar, S. Adhityatama, A.S. Ramadham, S. Noerwidi, P.H. Sulistyarto and B.B. Utomo
Taka Pesawat: a German U-boat wreck site in the Java Sea

J. Boshoff, T. van Niekerk and H. Wares
Preliminary investigations on the wreck of the SS Solglimt, Marion Island

M. Fowler, A. Roberts, F. Graham, L. Sansbury and C. Sansbury
Seeing Narungga (Aboriginal) land from the sea: a case study from Point Pearce/Burgiyana, South Australia

T. Winton
Understanding the interactive nature of in-situ processes for management of submerged cultural heritage material

C. Bita and S. Tripati
Stone anchors from Mombasa, Kenya: evidence of maritime contacts with Indian Ocean countries

D. Steinberg
Addendum to Fujita: a firsthand account of Darwin's post-war salvage program

P. Taylor
Port Phillip Bay on fire: burnt ships of Victoria's gold-rush era and a study of an archaeological footprint

R. Snoekstra
Locating the 'Mahogany Ship': the geography of a legendary shipwreck

L. Lacsina
The Butuan Boats of the Philippines: Southeast Asian edge-joined and lashed-lug watercraft

P. Te Arapo Wallace, G. Anderson, R. Jenkin and D. Horry
A response to the article, 'A possible pre-Tasman canoe landing site, or tauranga wake in Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand', by Rudiger Mack and Rosanne Harwarden