AIMA Bulletin Vol 38 (2014)


Table of Contents

Robert Yorke, 2014
The position of the United Kingdom regarding the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

Montakarn Suvanatap, 2014
Intangible heritage as a tool for underwater heritage protection

Rebecca Ryan, 2014
Health and hygiene on board 19th-century sailing ships

Amy Roberts, Madeline Fowler and Tauto Sansbury, 2014, A report on the exhibition ‘Children, Boats and “Hidden Histories” drawings by Aboriginal children of Point Pearce Mission (Burgiyana, Australia), 1939’

Debra Shefi, Peter Veth, Cassandra Philippou, Jennifer Rodrigues, Vicki Richards, Peter Harvey and Jonathan Carpenter, 2014, The Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project: An interim report

Rick Bullers and Debra Shefi, 2014
Abandoned, but of no further use? Survey of the Australian-built ketch Alert (1872–1959)

Andrew Dodd, 2014
Shipwreck and abandoned vessels in New Zealand waters: Australian connections

Sila Tripati, Sunil Kumar Patnik and Subrata Kumar Acharya, 2014
Iron anchors of northern Odisha, east coast of India: Maritime contacts with European countries

Abhirada (Pook) Komoot, 2014
A theoretical perspective on inclusion of Indigenous practices into formal underwater cultural heritage laws

Peter Illidge, Coleman Doyle and Alison Mann, 2014
The recovery and laboratory excavation of the contents of a Georgian olive oil jar from the wreck of HMS Pandora

Joanne Edney and Dirk HR Spennemann, 2014
Can artificial reefs reduce impacts on historic shipwrecks?

Rüdiger Mack and Rosanne Hawarden, 2014
A possible pre-Tasman canoe landing site, or tauranga waka in Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand

Michael de Ruyter, 2014
Al Sinn: stone anchor of the Persian Gulf pearl fishery

Kim Browne, 2014
Chuuk Lagoon — The ‘Gibraltar of the Pacific’