AIMA Bulletin Vol 37 (2013)


Table of Contents

Veth, P., Philippou, C., Richards, V., Staniforth, M., Rodrigues, J., Khan, A., Creagh, D., Viduka, A., Barham, A., MacLeod, I. and Harvey, P., 2013
The Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project 2012: First report on the background, reburial and in-situ preservation at the Clarence (1841-50)

Shefi, D., 2013
The first option in underwater heritage management

Gately, I., 2013
Exploring the potential for the archaeological application of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs)

Fowler, M., 2013
A framework for recording shipwreck landscapes

Edwards, K., and Cooper, D., 2013
Digitizing Xantho: A project to digitally record an assemblage of complex engine components

Jung, S., 2013
A lonely grave: The Fishermen’s Bend WWII gravesite

Jung, S., 2013
Finding the last missing piece of the Catalina puzzle in Darwin Harbour: Discovery of ‘Catalina 6’

Duncan, B., Gibbs, M., and Till F., 2013
SonnermannSearching for the Yellow Fleet: An archaeological and remote sensing investigation of the prison hulk wrecks

Luckman, G., and Viduka, A, 2013
The new Australian National Shipwreck Database

Souter, C., 2013
Camden Harbour reconsidered

Viduka, A., and Luckman, G., 2013
A recent approach to shared heritage management of the Coral Sea declaration of USS Lexington, USS Sims and USS Neosho

McKinnon, J.F., Wesley, D., Raupp J.T., and Moffat, I., 2013
Geophysical investigations at the Anuru Bay trepan site

Anderson, R, Berry, O., and Loo, I, 2013
Historical sealskin from the Archipelago of the Recherche, Western Australia