Maritime Heritage at Risk in Victoria

There are about 324 shipwrecks which have been found in Victoria with many threatened by environmental and human interference. Heritage Victoria’s Maritime Heritage at Risk Program aims to identify and protect the most significant shipwrecks at the highest risk.

This includes prioritising the State’s most significant shipwrecks, assessing their current and future risk and implementing a Shipwreck Risk Register through which site management activities for protecting those wrecks is initiated.

Heritage Victoria has recently published the Maritime Heritage at Risk Program 2019/20 Annual Report

The report includes two new wrecks on the Register, details of a major maritime archaeology project, conservation activities at a high-risk wreck, the extension of monitoring activities to deep-water wrecks and site inspections.


Heritage Victoria has launched its new website on the 24th February 2021.

Below is the new link to the Maritime Heritage at Risk Program 2019/20 Annual Report.