Introducing Heritage Victoria's new website

Introducing Heritage Victoria's new website

On 24 February 2021 Heritage Victoria will launch our new website. The user-friendly, accessible site explains our role and how you can be a good custodian for heritage.

Regular users will find our important information is simplified and streamlined. If you are new to Heritage Victoria we welcome you to take a look around at   

About the website

Our website is an important way for us to share information and updates about our role and responsibility. We interviewed our stakeholders to better understand how our website was being used. We also asked them what  information they were looking for on our website, and whether they found it.

We used this information to identify opportunities including:

  • intuitive design
  • simple guidance on our statutory processes
  • a new mapping tool so you can easily find out if a property has statutory heritage protection
  • online application forms for permits and permit exemptions
  • accessible, easy-to-read content
  • more great images of heritage places
  • celebration of heritage achievements
  • clarifying Heritage Victoria’s role.

 We’ve rebuilt our website from the ground up with our stakeholders at the centre. It’s also part of a broader plan to create a more consistent experience for customers across Victorian Government websites. The new look is in line with the Single Digital Presence.

What’s new

We’ve worked to bring you:

  • a user-focused website built around your needs
  • a trusted place for all information about Heritage Victoria’s role and responsibilities
  • videos and infographics to communicate our processes
  • refreshed and easy-to-understand content.

 Maritime archaeologists will find:

  • a much simpler menu and layout
  • dedicated pages with resources for maritime archaeologists
  • a single resources library where all policy, guidelines and forms are stored
  • information on sites you can dive
  • user-friendly information on how to get a shipwreck permit
  • clarity on our processes and timeframes
  • extra information on our Maritime Heritage at Risk program

 Update on the consultants directory

The ‘consultants directory’ hosted on Heritage Victoria’s website is a useful register of people and companies who provide specialist advice or technical assistance for heritage properties, objects or collections.

With the launch of the new website, custodianship of the consultants directory will transfer to the National Trust of Australia (Victoria). The new directory will be launched on the National Trust website in May 2021. A link will be included from Heritage Victoria’s website to the new directory. 

If you would like to express interest in being included in the consultants directory, please register your details online, and someone from the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) will contact you.