Heritage Victoria’s Shipwreck Discovery Program

There are approximately 660 historic shipwrecks around the Victorian coast of which only about 330 have been found.

In September 2021, Heritage Victoria introduced the Shipwreck Discovery Program aimed at encouraging and simplifying the reporting of shipwreck discoveries and to assist the search for Victoria’s top 20 most important missing shipwrecks. The program also aims to recognise the important role of maritime industries as custodians of our underwater cultural heritage.

Maritime industries (especially commercial fishing) can provide valuable information on the location of missing shipwrecks.  For this reason, Heritage Victoria has partnered with Seafood Industry Victoria in assisting commercial fishers report discoveries.

To assist fishers, Heritage Victoria has prepared guidelines with a simple step-by-step reporting process. The guidelines provide information on how to identify and report shipwreck and artefact discoveries. Reporting includes ready access to a maritime archaeologist who will record the find.

Details on the program can be found at:

Shipwreck Discovery Program (heritage.vic.gov.au)