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AIMA Conference 2024

Collectively Navigating Ocean Horizons

Join us this year for the 2024 AIMA Conference - Collectively Navigating Ocean Horizons.

The conference will be held in Auckland New Zealand with a theme of Navigating Ocean Horizons: Collectively Building Combined Capacity, Interconnectivity, Advancing Research, Fostering Knowledge Exchange.

The vastness of the Pacific holds immense potential for sustainable development, scientific discovery, global well-being through connecting peoples and their origins through underwater cultural heritage.

As we sail into uncharted waters, it is crucial that we unite our efforts to both bridge gaps (geographical and knowledge based) to chart a course toward a more informed and resilient ocean future and management of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Let us gather under the banner of “Navigating Ocean Horizons,” by committing to fostering collaboration, nurturing curiosity, and steering our collective efforts toward a healthier, more resilient ocean planet by exploring and understanding the wealth of our shared Underwater Cultural Heritage. Together, we can unlock the mysteries of the deep blue and ensure a legacy of collective stewardship for generations to come.

Join us on this voyage of sharing, where waves of knowledge meet the shores of action!

Details: The 2024 AIMA Conference will be held at the New Zealand Maritime Museum, Auckland on the 26th and 27th September. Prior and after the conference there will be several special activities/events. Further details are available on the Events page.

Please note this conference will be live-streamed online, however online interaction will not be possible.

If you have any queries, please contact the conference organisers at conference@aima-underwater.org.au

Conference Events

  • Workshops, Tours and Fieldtrips See Events page 
  • Welcome Drinks Wednesday 25 September (evening)
  • AIMA Conference Thursday 26 to Friday 27 September at the New Zealand Maritime Museum, Auckland
  • AGM Thursday 26th September at the New Zealand Maritime Museum, Auckland
  • Conference Dinner Friday 27th September at the New Zealand Maritime Museum, Auckland

Key Dates

  • Early Bird prices end 19th July 2024.
  • Call for Papers closes 31st July 2024. 
  • Bursary applications close 11th August 2024.

Conference Contact

Conference Organising Committee