AIMA 2017 Conference: Adelaide, South Australia


22nd and 23rd September


 The 2017 AIMA Conference will be held in cooperation with Flinders University and South Australian Maritime Museum.

Since its beginnings about 50 years ago, Maritime Archaeology in Australia has developed into a rich discipline acknowledging and including multi-layered and varied aspects of cultural heritage. The country’s longstanding Indigenous maritime history, cultural contacts with Macassan seafarers and Europeans in the post-contact period, as well as archaeology record formed since the colonial period, all provide an extremely rich and unique tangible cultural heritage. Australia’s maritime cultural heritage includes the archaeological remains of coastal settlements and towns, submerged cultural landscapes, seafaring, fishing, maritime infrastructure, harbours, lighthouses, shipwrecks, jetties and wharfs, riverine communities, watercraft, and archaeological sites related to boat building, sealing, whaling, and pearling). This tangible heritage is intimately entangled with the multiple layers of intangible heritage, from myths to daily practices, languages, traditions and crafts of local cultures.

The 2017 AIMA conference theme Claimed by the Sea covers both tangible and related intangible cultural heritage in order to provide a complete and holistic picture of maritime archaeological studies and projects of societal importance. Maritime archaeology today is multidisciplinary and combines approaches and methodologies of cultural heritage preservation, museology, social sciences and humanities, and environmental sciences.

 The 2017 AIMA Conference is now open for the submission of the Session abstracts.



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