AIMA 2014 Conference: Darwin, Australia 2-3 October

Call for Papers is Now Closed

There are both theme related and non-theme related sessions to choose from. Please review the sessions and send your abstract by email to the Chair. 


Navigate: Development and Maritime Heritage

 The theme for the 2014 Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) conference is Navigate: Development and Maritime Heritage. The conference will be a gathering of ideas and case studies exploring the principles, strategies, science and regulation around the business of mitigating impact to our maritime heritage, particularly from coastal and marine development.

Development pressure on our coastal and submerged cultural heritage can come from a variety of causes. Coastal infrastructure projects such as wharf construction, submerged infrastructure such as pipelines, dredging to deepen channels are just some of the private and public enterprises that are putting increased pressure on our maritime heritage. Consequently Maritime Archaeologists and Heritage Managers are under increasing pressure to defend the significance of sites, grapple with complex engineering concepts and devise effective conservation responses that may involve rapid recording, in-situ conservation, monitoring regimes and even relocation.

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There is also a growing expectation for practitioners to have more than just a rudimentary knowledge of remote sensing, with considerable resources hinging on correctly interpreting anomalies whilst appreciating the limits of these tools. Overarching all of these issues is the environmental assessment framework. What are the better strategies to maximise good heritage outcomes, appreciating different assessment regimes and the limits of existing legislation?

This conference will assess the current experiences of practitioners with the intention of working towards a consensus on standards; standards that will inform project proponents of what is expected, and provide practitioners assistance to navigate these difficult waters. 


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