About IKUWA6

The Sixth International Congress on Underwater Archaeology

28 November – 2 December, 2016

Celebrating our Shared Heritage


The concept of the logo takes its inspiration from the age-old Australian aboriginal art, with colours and patterns representing earth and sea. The logo design features the central wave pattern of past IKUWA logos while incorporating indigenous Australian motifs and colours that embody both the maritime and prehistoric identities of Australia



In November 2016, the Sixth International Congress on Underwater Archaeology (IKUWA6) will be hosted by the Western Australian Maritime Museum in Fremantle, Western Australia.

IKUWA6 is organised under the Patronage of UNESCO.

This will be the first time that IKUWA is held outside Europe and in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a particularly exciting opportunity for southern and northern hemisphere practitioners to interact directly with each other and to share our stories. It presents a unique and significant opportunity to exchange research, knowledge and ideas, and cross-cultural perspectives with international colleagues from around the world.

Significance of 2016 for Australia, particularly Western Australia

On 25th October 1616, Dutch seafarer, Dirk Hartog, set foot at the northern tip of an island on the Southland, now known as Dirk Hartog Island, and marked his landing place with a commemorative plate inscribed with a text of his landing and the name of the ship, Eendracht, and senior officers. This plate and its post were to become the first confirmed archaeological remains from Europeans in Australia. The year 2016 also marks the bicentennial of the wrecking of the Spanish-built, Portuguese-owned "galera", Correio da Azia, which was sailing from Lisbon to China when it was wrecked on Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, on 26 November 1816. This is an important shared heritage between Australia, Portugal and Spain, but many more commemorative events will be celebrated during this important year.

The theme: Celebrating Our Shared Heritage

IKUWAwill, celebrate and explore the issues of shared heritage—crossing cultural, geographic and political borders.

The conference theme Celebrating Our Shared Heritage will support a broad, internationally focused agenda and offers a great opportunity for IKUWA to reach new audiences, stamp its mark on the Asia-Pacific region, and exchange research, knowledge and ideas with international colleagues from around the world.

The congress will be held at the Western Australian Maritime Museum. You are warmly invited to come to the Museum and Fremantle and join us by participating in IKUWA6. Aside from benefitting from the presentations, it is an opportunity to make new contacts and catch up with old friends and colleagues, as well as enjoy the summer weather of the historic port city of Fremantle. The Maritime Museum is also a five-minute walk from the Western Australian Museum—Shipwreck Galleries, which houses the remains of seventeenth and eighteenth century Dutch VOC shipwrecks as well as collections from colonial shipwrecks off the West Australian coast.



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